Welcome to the Centre for Applied Social Research

The Centre for Applied Social Research carries out high quality applied research in the areas of social policy, social care and the social aspects of health, with a strong focus on developing interprofessional approaches to research. The centre supports and facilitates research that seeks to inform policy and practice, including examining the theoretical foundations that underpin applied social research and practitioner based research. The work of the centre informs the development of evidence-based policy and practice; particularly in social work, social care and health contexts.

The centre aims to:

  • Generate high quality applied social research, including practitioner instigated research
  • Build research capacity in social work and social policy
  • Promote collaborative and interprofessional research
  • Develop research links with NHS, local authorities and voluntary organisations
  • Undertake research that informs professional education and practice
  • Facilitate knowledge exchange among practitioners, public and academics.

Linked centres

The Sexual Health Research and Practice Group and the Safeguarding Hub are located within the Centre for Applied Social Research.

The interdisciplinary Sexual Health Research and Practice Group undertake a wide range of sexual health research; sexual health teaching and training; and clinical practice.

The Safeguarding Hub is a networking forum that provides an interprofessional academic practice interface to promote best safeguarding practice to inform outcomes for children, young people and their families.