Home Research Centre for Children, Schools and Families

The centre particularly focuses on education, health, well-being and social issues in families, adolescence and childhood. Also, the centre provides research advice and consultancy, in partnership with external organisations in public and private sectors, including evaluations, staff development, training and advice on funding for research and development.

The research centre aims to:

  • Produce high quality research.
  • Increase collaborative work.
  • Provide quick response research delivery.
  • Publicise the research centre to practitioners, policy makers and academic community.
  • Promote the research centre within the local community.
  • Utilise and develop contacts already formed by the LERN (Learning Evaluation and Research).

Current work includes funded projects in London, Kent and South-East England as well as with partners in national and international organisations. Staff in the Centre have well-established research links with local partners, across the UK, Europe and worldwide (including France, Spain, Latin America, Australia, Africa and China).