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Staff profiles - Family Care & Mental Health Faculty of Education & Health

Name Job title
Wendy Ainsworth Senior Lecturer, Midwifery
Heather Bower Lead Midwife for Education
Angie Campbell Senior Lecturer
Nicky Cocklin Senior Lecturer, Specialist Community Public Health Nursing
Amanda Collins-Eade Senior Lecturer in Early Intervention
John Crowley Senior Lecturer, Mental Health Nursing
Ros Delaney Senior Lecturer, Sexual Health
Helen Elliott Senior Lecturer, Health Visiting/School Nursing and Children’s Nursing
David Evans National Teaching Fellow and Senior Lecturer for Sexual Health
Michael Fanner Postgraduate researcher
John Foster Reader, Alcohol Policy and Mental Health Studies
Nicki Fowler Principal Lecturer, Learning Disability Nursing
Liz Gale Senior Lecturer, Midwifery
Avril Hocking Senior Lecturer, Learning Disability Nursing
Jude Ibe Principal Lecturer and Programme Leader
Deborah Isaacs Senior Lecturer, Mental Health Nursing
Debbie Johnson Senior Lecturer, Midwifery
Sophie MacKenzie Senior Lecturer, Speech & Language Therapy
Dr Christina Malamateniou Research Lead
Marianne Markowski Research Fellow
Jane Matonhodze Senior Lecturer, Mental Health Nursing
Simon McArdle Senior Lecturer, Mental Health Nursing
Naomi Narramore Senior Lecturer, Children’s Nursing
Paul Newton Research Lead for Adult Nursing and Paramedic Science
Diane Norton Senior Lecturer, Children’s Nursing
Yemi Onilude Senior Lecturer, Midwifery
Kate Pearce Senior Lecturer, Midwifery
Claire Sevenoaks Senior Lecturer, Children's Nursing
Heather Shekede Senior Lecturer, Children's Nursing
Justin Stephens Senior Lecturer, Nursing
Mandy Stevenson Deputy Head and Principal Lecturer, Midwifery
Dr Taina Taskila Research Fellow
Julia Telfer Senior Lecturer, Mental Health Nursing
Deborah Watkins Principal Lecturer and Professional Lead
Jan Webb Principal Lecturer and Professional Lead, Child Health & Welfare
Claire Winter Senior Lecturer, Children’s Nursing
Peter Woodward Senior Lecturer, Learning Disabilities