Hannah Hobson Faculty of Education & Health

Hannah Hobson DPhil, BA

Hannah Hobson

Hannah Hobson
DPhil, BA

Lecturer in Psychology

Department of Psychology, Social Work & Counselling

Faculty of Education and Health

Hannah took up her lectureship at Greenwich in September 2017. Before this, she worked as a postdoctoral research at the Institute of Psychology, Psychiatry and Neuroscience, King's College London.

She completed her DPhil in Experimental Psychology at the University of Oxford in 2016, examining EEG measures of mirror neuron systems, and the behavioural imitation abilities of children with autism spectrum conditions and developmental language disorder. During her postgraduate studies, she undertook a science policy internship at the Academy of Medical Sciences, working on topics such as the reproducibility and reliability of biomedical science, real world evidence for health technologies, and the future of innovation in medical science research.

Hannah contributes to the undergraduate and postgraduate psychology teaching at Greenwich.

Hannah's research interests include the development and disorders of social, communication and language abilities, particularly autism spectrum conditions and developmental language disorder. She is also interested in science and health policy.

Funded research projects

2017 - Experimental Psychology Society Early Career Workshop Fund for alexithymia-themed workshop

2015 –  Goodger and Schorstein Research Scholarship in Medical Sciences

Coll, M.-P. et al., Crossmodal classification of mu rhythm activity during action observation and execution suggests specificity to somatosensory features of actions. (in press) The Journal of Neuroscience.

Hobson, H.M. & Bishop, D.V.M., 2017. The interpretation of mu suppression as an index of mirror neuron activity : past , present and future. Royal Society Open Science, 4(160662).

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Hobson, H.M. & Bishop, D.V.M., 2016. Mu suppression - A good measure of the human mirror neuron system? Cortex, 82, pp.290–310. Available at: http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.cortex.2016.03.019.

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Hobson, H. (2017). Conducting a Registered Report as an Early Career Researcher. Oral presentation (via webinar) for NIH training: Open and Reproducible Neuroscience. March 17th.

Hobson, H. (2016). Autism and SLI: Verbal and motor imitation. Oral presentation at Interdisciplinary Autism Workshop, Birkbeck, University of London. September 6th.

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Hobson, H. & Bishop, D. (2015). Measuring the human mirror neuron system with EEG - possible or impossible? Poster presentation at BPS Developmental and Social Sections Conference, Manchester, 9-11th September.

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Hobson, H. (2013) Autism and SLI: Where are we now? Oral presentation at Autism Spectrum Disorder Clinical Excellence Network meeting, Queen Margaret University, 18th November.

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