Date of release: Friday, January 9, 2015

LectureThe role of chemistry in musical instrument development is just one of the intriguing elements that will be explored in a free lecture at the University of Greenwich next month.

Professor Adrian Dobbs, from the university’s Faculty of Engineering & Science, explores two of his passions in Chemistry and music - never the twain? on Wednesday 4 February at the university’s Medway Campus.

He will explore the links between the two subjects, including musicians who have dabbled in chemistry, famous chemists who have attempted to forge musical careers and the role of chemistry in musical instrument development. The lecture will be suitable for all ages and includes a number of chemical demonstrations and live music.

Professor Dobbs has held post-doctoral research positions in Belgium with GlaxoSmithKline as well as academic positions at the University of Exeter and Queen Mary University of London, before taking up the position of Professor of Organic and Medicinal Chemistry at the University of Greenwich in 2013.

His research interests encompass developing new methods for the synthesis of pharmaceutically active compounds. He is currently the Secretary and Treasurer of the Heterocyclic & Synthesis Group of the Royal Society of Chemistry and sits on its Organic Division Council.

Away from chemistry, Professor Dobbs is a very keen Crystal Palace supporter and an accomplished pianist and organist, regularly performing on both instruments and also leading, conducting and rehearsing several orchestras and choirs.

The lecture begins at 6.30pm in the Ward Room, Pembroke, Medway Campus. Tea and coffee will be served afterwards, during which time Professor Dobbs will be available to discuss his work.

To book a place, please email For more information on the university’s Department of Pharmaceutical, Chemical & Environmental Sciences:

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