Date of release: Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Invasion, industrialisation and the dockyard will all be discussed in a free talk about the Medway Towns at the University of Greenwich next week.

Sights and sounds of the Medway Towns 1550 – 1900 examines the area's transformation from its beginning as a scattering of villages around Rochester, to its industrial Victorian heyday. The talk takes place on Wednesday 8 April at 6.30pm in the Ward Room, Pembroke Building, Medway Campus.

Using maps, contemporary descriptions and rarely-seen images, Dr Sandra Dunster, author of a book on the area (pictured) and Programme Leader in History at the university, tracks the Medway Towns through a period of massive change, marked by more than the founding of Chatham naval dockyard.

She says: "People tend to think the Medway Towns' history is all about the dockyard but, while this was important, much more was going on. Invasions, riots and industrialisation all changed the face of Medway. It's a fascinating history and this talk takes a light-hearted look at a place full of surprises."

Sandra will also explore the soundscape of the time, including church bells rung in the 16th century to mark arrival and departure of dignitaries and ending with the roar and bustle of industry at the beginning of the twentieth century.

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