Date of release: Monday, October 19, 2015

Professor DobbsChampioning the role of women in science has led to a prestigious national prize for a University of Greenwich professor.

Adrian Dobbs has received an 'Inspirational Member Award' from the Royal Society of Chemistry, one of the world's leading organisations for those who work in chemical sciences.

One of just three of its type being given out in the UK this year, the prize is in recognition for Professor Dobbs' work in two areas. One is in championing diversity, and in particular the role of women in the field: he has been a strong supporter of women scientists rising to senior positions within a traditionally male-dominated industry.

The award is also for his work on the international stage, where he has been instrumental in setting up partnerships in chemistry between the UK and India. This includes regular exchange visits between scientists in the respective countries, who then share expertise and knowledge.

Professor of Organic and Medicinal Chemistry, and a member of the university's Faculty of Engineering & Science, he says: "I'm honoured and humbled to receive this recognition. A passion for my subject still burns within me, and the whole area of chemistry and drug discovery is as fascinating to me now as it was when I was doing my PhD."

Professor Dobbs is a member of the Royal Society of Chemistry's Heterocyclic & Synthesis Group. He is also part of the university's Athena SWAN Working Group, which promotes the role of women in science, technology, engineering, maths and medicine (STEMM) subjects

One of his current areas of research is to try to find a cure for asbestos-related lung cancer, which is also benefitting from a major fundraising drive at the university to support further work in this area. "Asbestos kills approximately 3,000 people a year but, despite this, it's not one of the best known cancers," he says. "It receives little funding and investment. But this is where the academic community can play a big role, in helping to fight it. Ultimately, I believe we can make a difference and that's a guiding principle in my work."

Professor Dobbs will be handed his award at a Royal Society of Chemistry ceremony on 13 November.

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