Date of release: Thursday, May 14, 2015

Taking time out at probably the most stressful time of year at university, allowed 40 Technology Management and Enterprise students to have a fun day at Thorpe Park, just before their exams in April.

As part of their programme of study the students have to submit a Group Business Project (GBP). This includes a team building exercise which, inspired by their forthcoming trip to Thorpe Park, they had to build a paper-straw roller-coaster.

Well, now they had a chance to experience the 'butterflies in stomach' effect themselves!

Thorpe Park is a good way to release the stress before forthcoming exams and finish off the academic year, if the exams are passes that is" says Dr Alec Coutroubis Head of TME Department, with a smile.

The students said they really enjoyed the day and had a great time. One student said "it was much needed to have a fun day and forget about assignments and deadlines. I personally had a great time and it is definitely appreciated, thanks again".