Date of release: Friday, November 8, 2013

Shashi-RudrangiShashi Ravi Suman Rudrangi, PhD Student of Professor Steve Wicks and Dr Bruce Alexander has given Podium and Poster presentations entitled 'The Evaluation of Supercritical Fluid Technology for the manufacture of Econazole-Cyclodextrin Complexes’, at the ‘APS UK-PharmSci 2013’, held at Edinburgh, Scotland, UK between 2-4 September, 2013.

Shashi has also been awarded a 'PhD Research Travel Grant' from the Organic Division of the Royal society of Chemistry to attend and present a poster entitled 'Solid state Econazole-Cyclodextrin complexes prepared by Supercritical carbon dioxide processing’, at the '3rd European Conference on Cyclodextrins', which was held at Antalya, Turkey between 2-4 October, 2013 and a 'Conference Grant' from the European Cyclodextrin Society to present a poster at the '3rd European Conference on Cyclodextrins'.

Shashi says: ‘The 3rd European Conference on Cyclodextrins was a fantastic opportunity for me to liaise and make contact with world-leading scientists in the field of cyclodextrin research and I hope to use the feedback and knowledge gained to enhance my future studies. I would like to thank the Organic Division of the Royal Society of Chemistry and the European Cyclodextrin Society for providing me with this opportunity to attend and present my work to an international audience. Special thanks must go to my supervisors Professor Steve Wicks and Dr Bruce Alexander for encouraging me to attend such an excellent conference’.

Shashi Rudrangi and Reham Mohsen, PhD Students of Professor Martin Snowden have represented the University of Greenwich at the APS UK-PharmSci 2013 conference as the Student Representatives of the Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences.