Date of release: Monday, August 11, 2014

Degrees to inspire the next generation of Great British entrepreneursBusiness and combined business and engineering degree courses from the University of Greenwich at Medway are designed to inspire and nurture the James Dysons and Richard Bransons of the next generation.

Dr Alec Coutroubis, Head of the Department of Technology Management and Enterprise, is on a mission to give school and college leavers the ability and skills to drive businesses forward, design new technologies and services, and build money-making enterprises.

“We are growing creative and innovative business-minded entrepreneurs and engineers. Bringing together the university’s excellent business and engineering resources is supporting young people in their quests to secure their own futures and build the British economy,” he says.

“Students need to discover what really interests them about a subject and how they can create successful careers out of those interests. This could be, for example, telecommunications, accountancy, marketing, finance or creating new systems for delivering innovative services, inventing medical devices or designing racing cars,” says Dr Coutroubis.

Business, and business and engineering, degree programmes available in the Faculty of Engineering & Science, based at the University of Greenwich’s Medway Campus, include: BA Hons Business Administration; BA Hons Business Administration with either Accountancy and Finance, or Marketing; BSc Hons Information Technology Management for Business; BSc Hons Information and Communication Technology; BEng Engineering Business Management; and MSc Engineering Management.

Programmes can be studied on a full-time, sandwich or part-time basis.

Clearing, the last chance to apply for a university course starting this autumn, is now open. Find out more about Clearing and course vacancies at the University of Greenwich at or call 020 8331 9000.

Story by Public Relations