Seminar programme Faculty of Engineering & Science

Event Name Seminar programme
Start Date 11th Jan 2012
End Date 18th Apr 2012
Duration 98 days and 23 hours

Attendance at all seminars is compulsory for postgraduate PhD students. It will form a part of the portfolio of the student’s skills logbook. All academic members of staff are welcome and are encouraged to attend. We also welcome attendance by members of the public.

Seminars will be held at 4pm in room 106, Jellicoe Building, Medway Campus.

Organometallic and photoactivated metal anticancer complexes
Wednesday 11 January 2012

Speaker: Professor Peter Sadler, University of Warwick
Chair: Dr John Spencer

Electric flowers and other invisible cues for bees
Wednesday 25 January 2012

Speaker: Dr Heather Whitney, University of Bristol
Chair: Dr Elinor P. Thompson

Visualising vesicle trafficking and thylakoid membrane biogenesis in cyanobacteria
Wednesday 8 February 2012

Speaker: Dr Samantha Bryan, Queen Mary University of London
Chair: Professor Pat Harvey

Thermally Stimulated Current (TSC) spectroscopy: a novel method for physico-chemical characterisation of materials–principles and applications
Wednesday 22 February 2012

Speaker: Dr Milan D. Antonijevic, University of Greenwich
Chair: Dr Birthe Nielsen

Tumour regression/disappearance after intravenous administration of novel tumour-targeted therapeutic systems
Wednesday 7 March 2012

Speaker: Dr Christine Dufès, University of Strathclyde
Chair: Dr Dionysios Douroumis

Drug detection in alternative matrices by tandem mass spectrometry
Wednesday 21 March 2012

Speaker: Dr Mark Parkin, King’s College London
Chair: Dr Daniel Abayeh

From metabonomics to pharmacometabonomics: from describing the past to predicting the future
Wednesday 4 April 2012

Speaker: Professor Jeremy Everett, University of Greenwich
Chair: Professor Frank Pullen

DNA in the investigation of cold cases
Wednesday 18 April 2012

Speaker: Mr Robert Green, OBE, University of Greenwich
Chair: Dr Joshua Boateng

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