Biomedical engineering Faculty of Engineering & Science

Medicine relies on technology to advance and grow. It needs devices to detect and measure illness and disease. It requires tools to assist in the treatment of a disorder and systems to help the patient before, during and after an illness. Once X rays were discovered by Roentgen, it required engineers to create machines to generate and image the X rays. This path continues today with CT scanners and MRI devices.

We have staff working towards the development of new ways to monitor chronic disorders such as diabetes and high blood pressure. We also have expertise in the design and application of advanced artificial arms that can sense the world around them and react automatically to the input. We are interested in designing ways for people to naturally and easily interact with machines irrespective of their physical or mental ability, so that an impairment does not become a barrier to using the latest devices.


Topics covered by this research theme include (but are not limited to):

  • Advanced prostheses
  • Rehabilitation engineering
  • Inclusive design / universal design
  • Telemedicine
  • Blood pressure and glucose monitoring

Members of staff

PhD Students

  • David Larkai
  • Ahmad Taha
  • Sajad Alabadi
  • Mohammad Codabaccus