Dr Rajinderpal Bhatti Faculty of Engineering & Science

Dr Rajinderpal Bhatti has held a number of previous positions, including acting Head of Engineering Systems Department, and Postgraduate Research Tutor within the University of Greenwich and was a lecturer at Thames Polytechnic. He has also had professional experience within the engineering field, working as an engineer both in the UK and abroad.

Dr Bhatti has extensive experience of successfully completing 11 Knowledge Transfer Partnerships programmes. The total value of these schemes has been over £1million. Projects have included creating innovative high-end packaging designs in order to reach and develop new markets in a package company; integration of the supply chain into a new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, including design, planning, manufacturing, sales, marketing, after-sales services, maintenance and purchasing strategies for a low volume high value product company; developing and integrating a scheduling system into a company's management information system in order to streamline the business processes; designing and implementing an efficient manufacturing and production system that works in partnership with existing creative design and marketing functions for a leading high end lighting company; development of kanban systems; development of automated systems for manufacturing of large-scale plastic bags; and development of automated systems for manufacture of medical micro tools.