Dr Rob Berry Faculty of Engineering & Science

Robert Berry has been working as a post-doctoral researcher at the Wolfson Centre since 2001 on the following projects:

  • 2001: Quality in particulate manufacturing, EPSRC funded
  • 2002: Research assistants industrial secondment, EPSRC funded
  • 2003–06: Development of an economic powder flow tester, Defra funded
  • 2010–13: Development of a toolkit for the control of flow properties, Defra funded. 

Robert took on a project management role for the latter two projects. 

Since 2004 he have been employed as a consultant engineer to powder handling and processing industry, initially working in the laboratory undertaking characterisation tests and performing design calculations. Today he takes on all aspects of consulting work from writing project proposals, undertaking site visits to diagnosing process problems and writing reports.

Over the last year Robert has delivered approximately £30,000 of consultancy income in his own name, as well as providing significant contributions to many other projects delivered by colleagues R Farnish and MSA Bradley. Over the last five years, Wolfson Centre consultancy staff have delivered approximately 150 projects generating approximately £1 million of income. 

Robert has been delivering lectures on the subject of bulk solids to final year systems engineering degree students since the Wolfson Centre located to Chatham in 2005, as well delivering a range of subjects on The Wolfson Centre short courses to industrial clients