Dr Tong Deng Faculty of Engineering & Science

Dr Tong Deng worked as a post-doctoral research assistant after graduating with a PhD from the University of Greenwich in August 2001. Since then he has worked as a research fellow in the same department for varied industrial consultancies on bulk solids material handling.

In 2009, Dr Deng obtained his first internal research grant for Novel Approaches to Signal Acquisition and Processing in relation to Sensing Electrostatic Behaviour of Particulate Materials in Motion, for which he was a principal investigator. This was sponsored by the School of Engineering.

Dr Deng started supervising a PhD student, as first supervisor, in August 2009,. This work has resulted in a number of industrial consultancy projects and an article in an international journal.

In 2010, Dr Deng obtained a further internal research grant for A New Form of Renewable Biomass/Coal Pellet Fuel – Collaboration with CAS, China, valued at £30,000. to support a new green energy resource study.

In 2012, Dr Deng received support from the University of Greenwich via a VC-scholarship for Investigation of Wear and Tribological Properties of Nano-Carbon Fabrics (NCF) Reinforced Ceramic Materials, in collaboration with the University of Cambridge.

Dr Deng started his teaching and research contract at the School of Engineering in 2013. His research focuses on two major areas: the development of anti-erosive wear nano-composite materials, and characterisation of electrostatic properties of fine, cohesive particulates. The nano-composites studies may lead to a pioneering research into structured nano-material development, an area which has strong potential in many industrial applications.

Since 2008, Dr Deng has published six international journal papers in both areas and a total of 15 other journal papers.