Staff profiles - Engineering Science Faculty of Engineering & Science

Name Job title
Dr Mehdi Baghdadi Senior Lecturer
Dr Hafid Belaidi Senior Lecturer
Dr Zoubir Benterkia Senior Lecturer, Structural Engineering
Dr Mark Bingley Principal Lecturer
Dr Peter Callaghan Principal Lecturer, Programme Leader
Mrs Radi Doncheva Senior Lecturer
Dr Marianna Ercolino Senior Lecturer
Mr Anthony Feasey Senior Lecturer
Dr Terry Gorman Lecturer
Dr Yehdego Habtay Senior Lecturer
Dr Kaushika Hettiaratchi Senior Lecturer
Professor Colin Hills Professor in Environment and Materials Engineering
Dr Robert Jenner Teaching Fellow and Principal Lecturer
Dr Georgios Kampas Lecturer in Civil Engineering
Dr Jan Krabicka Programme Leader; Lecturer
Dr Olga-Joan Ktenidou Senior Lecturer
Professor Peter Kyberd Head of Department, Professor of Rehabilitation Cybernetics
Dr Sandra Lucas Senior Lecturer
Dr Cecilia Macleod Senior Lecturer
Dr Wim Melis Senior Lecturer, Programme Leader
Dr Sam Mengistu Senior Lecturer
Dr Karim Nasr Senior Lecturer in Electrical Engineering (Wireless Communications)
Dr Michael Okereke Senior Lecturer
Dr Zahra Sangelaji Lecturer
Ms Deborah Sims Senior Lecturer Civil Engineering
Mr Peter Snelling Senior Lecturer
Dr Kong Fah Tee Reader
Dr Jodie Wetherall Principal Lecturer and Faculty Systems Development Manager
Dr Steve Woodhead Director of Extended Provision; Reader in Computer Systems and Networks