Mr Anthony Feasey

Anthony Feasey C&G, HNC, BEng, MSc

Mr Anthony Feasey

Anthony Feasey
C&G, HNC, BEng, MSc

Senior Lecturer

Department of Engineering Science

Engineering & Science


Before joining the University of Greenwich, Anthony Feasey worked at Protowire Telecommunications Ltd, a designer and producer of bespoke communication systems for the railway and power generation industries. Through the company's training and staff development programme, Anthony gained varied and wide ranging experience on the shop floor and in testing, the drawing office, and design and development.

The introduction of new technology as a replacement for electromechanical-based equipment with microprocessors demanded a new set of skills within the design and development team. As the lead designer for both hardware and software within the new generation of systems, Anthony was involved in the evaluation of customer requirement, making design proposals and producing quotations, the creation of system and unit test specifications, the production of technical diagrams and documentation, and the provision of on-site training for customers’ maintenance staff.

Research/scholarly interests

  • Embedded networking
  • Energy efficiency.

Specialist interests

  • Computer Aided Design (Printed Circuit Boards)
  • Engineering Applications
  • Embedded Systems
  • High Level Programming