Dr Mehdi Baghdadi Faculty of Engineering & Science

Mehdi Baghdadi received his PhD degree in Electrical Engineering from University of Cambridge in 2015, where he also held a research associate role in the field of Power Electronics. During his PhD degree, his research mainly focused on designing and building the first superconducting synchronous motor based on HTS stacked tapes. Prior to this, he worked in the field of reliability of control motors of Electric Vehicle for various working conditions at Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne, Australia.

Whilst carrying out his Msc studies, which were followed by industrial posts, Mehdi worked in the field of Power Systems, e.g., Smart Grids, Restructuring and Decentralization of Power Networks, and Power Markets, during which time he published two book chapters and several journal papers.

Mehdi's current research interest is Applied Superconductivity, Power Electronics, and Renewable Energy Sources.