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Professor Hua-Peng Chen

Professor Hua-Peng Chen BEng, MEng, PhD, FICE, CEng, PGCertHE, FHEA

Professor Hua-Peng Chen

Professor Hua-Peng Chen
BEng, MEng, PhD, FICE, CEng, PGCertHE, FHEA

Professor, Chair in Civil Engineering

Department of Engineering Science

Faculty of Engineering & Science

Professor Hua-Peng Chen is a Chair of Civil Engineering within the Department of Engineering Science. Professor Chen has a strong research profile in various areas of civil engineering, including structural health monitoring, innovative and smart infrastructure, stochastic deterioration modelling, structural reliability and integrity, and advanced numerical modelling. He is the author/co-author of over 150 peer-reviewed journal articles and conference papers.

Professor Chen leads a research group in Innovative and smart structures in close collaboration with many leading industrial partners including TWI, EA, and HR Wallingford. He managed successfully over 10 research projects as the principal investigator, including projects funded by UK research council and RAEng. He developed novel methodologies for vibration based structural damage identification, stochastic modelling of asset deterioration with time, performance assessment of corroding reinforced concrete structures, and time-dependent reliability analysis and optimised maintenance strategy.

Professor Chen is very actively involved in professional body activities. He frequently served as a member of editorial boards, guest editor for special issues, organiser of mini-symposiums, chair for international conference sessions, peer reviewer for journals, speaker for invited presentations, and organiser for workshops. Professor Chen is a fellow of the Higher Education Academy and a chartered civil engineer with 10 years' experience in the UK civil engineering industry.

Professor Chen received both his BEng in civil engineering and MEng in structural engineering from Hefei University of Technology, China. After studying at Imperial College London, he gained PhD in structural engineering from the University of Glasgow, UK. He was a senior consulting civil engineer with UK construction industry Southern Testing, responsible for analyses and designs of civil engineering structures. In 2007, Professor Chen joined the University of Greenwich as a senior lecturer in infrastructure engineering, and then appointed professor of civil engineering in 2015.

  • Engineering Representative on Faculty Research Degrees Committee, from 2014.
  • Member of School Research Sub-Committee, from 2012 to 2014.
  • Overseas Research Students (ORS) Award, 1995.
  • University Scholarship, Glasgow University, 1995.
  • The SBFSS Research Scholarship, 1994.
  • Visiting scholarship at Department of Civil engineering, Imperial College, 1994-1995.

Professional qualification/affiliations

  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, UK.
  • Chartered Civil Engineer, UK (605086).
  • Fellow of the Institution of Civil Engineers, UK (60899510).
  • Member of ICE South East England Region Committee.
  • Member of International Association for Life-Cycle Civil Engineering (IALCCE).
  • Member of International Society for Structural Health Monitoring and Intelligent Infrastructure (ISHMII).

Professional body activities

  • Member of Editorial Board of The Structural Engineering and Mechanics, An International Journal, from 2013.
  • Section Editor of Central European Journal of Engineering (Open Engineering), from 2011.
  • Guest Editor of Special Issues for over 5 international journals.
  • Regular peer reviewer for many funding bodies including EPSRC and Research Grant Council of Hong Kong.
  • Regular peer reviewer for over 35 international journals.
  • Frequently served as organiser of mini-symposiums, chair for international conference sessions, member of scientific committee of international conferences, speaker for invited presentations, and organiser for workshops.

Professor Chen's research areas focus on civil engineering infrastructure performance assessment and management, in particular on structural damage detection and health monitoring, innovative and smart civil infrastructure, monitoring based structural performance assessment, structural reliability and integrity, and advanced numerical modelling.

Principal Research Interests

  • Health monitoring of large civil engineering structures.
  • Stochastic deterioration modelling and time-dependent reliability analysis.
  • Risk-based performance forecast of civil infrastructure systems. 
  • Durability and reliability of concrete structures in aggressive environments.
  • Performance assessment and optimised maintenance strategy.

Funded research projects

  • Monitoring based performance assessment of civil infrastructure (funded by RAEng, NSFC and TWI).

Current condition assessment and future performance prediction of deteriorating civil engineering structures, such as bridges, highway, rail, and flood defences, has become critical and challenging issues in the UK and worldwide. However, the existing subjective and inaccurate structural assessment methods are the most critical technical barrier to providing reliable residual life predictions and cost-effective management of deteriorating structures. For structures having experienced progressive resistance deterioration and/or extreme loading events, there is a need for health diagnosis and prognosis to confidently predict how they will respond to future operation environments and when they will fail to deliver the required structural capacity.

Structural health monitoring (SHM) is a process of in-service damage detection for structures concerned and is a key element of strategies for damage diagnosis and prognosis. Research demonstrated that the current state of structural systems can be indicated by their response to operation conditions, and thus the state may be assessed by using measured data. This research project aims to develop a novel technique for assessing the current condition and predicting future performance for civil engineering infrastructure through structural health monitoring methods.

  • Risk based asset performance forecast subjected to changing environments (funded by NERC, ICE).

Infrastructure systems such as flood and coastal defence assets become more vulnerable due to changing operation conditions, such as resistance deterioration and environmental change. Changing environments can accelerate the asset deterioration through external and internal resistance degradation processes. This will subsequently cause significant increase in probability of the system's failure, leading to increasing risks to human life and critical infrastructure.

The research project attempts to deal with the problems related to asset performance deterioration over time and to address strategic issues associated with changing environments. This project will make a step-change in the ability to evaluate deterioration processes of civil infrastructure systems affected by changing environments and to predict future performance over their intended service life by using a new time-dependent reliability analysis method.

  • Reliability-based risk assessment and optimised maintenance strategy of aging structures (Sponsored by UoG and TWI).

Steel and concrete has been heavily used for the construction of new and existing critical civil engineering infrastructure, such as offshore structures, port structures, bridges and tunnels, in particular those exposed to a severe environments such as seawater. Steel and concrete structures deteriorate performance with age due to the effects of imposed loads and aggressive environments. The costs for maintenances due to performance deterioration during the life cycle are tremendous. However, these costs can be significantly reduced by accurately predicting structural reliability and effectively optimising maintenance strategy

The main aim of the research is to forecast load carrying capacity, predict the risk of structural failure, and develop risk-cost-benefit optimised maintenance strategies. Currently used subjective condition assessment procedures for deteriorated structures may result in inaccurate results. With the rise of repair costs and increase in the number of aging civil structures in need of retrofit, it has become essential to accurately estimate the risk of structural failure by time-dependent reliability analysis and provide a scientific basis for supporting decision to cost-effective infrastructure asset management.

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