Dr Kiran Tota-Maharaj

Kiran Tota-Maharaj BSc(Eng), PGCert, MSc, PhD, CEng, MSEE, PEng, MSPE, PHEA, MIAHR, M.ASCE

Dr Kiran Tota-Maharaj

Kiran Tota-Maharaj

Senior Lecturer in Water and Environmental Engineering

Department of Engineering Science

Faculty of Engineering & Science

Dr Kiran Tota-Maharaj joined the Department of Civil Engineering at the University of Greenwich in July 2014 as a senior lecturer in water and environmental engineering. He attained his PhD in Environmental Engineering from The University of Edinburgh, UK, his postgraduate MSc in Environmental Engineering from Newcastle University, UK and his Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering from The University of the West Indies, Trinidad.

Dr Tota-Maharaj held several esteemed academic positions before and was a Lecturer in Environmental Engineering at The University of Abertay Dundee (2012-2014) and an Adjunct Assistant Professor in Utilities Engineering (Water, Wastewater and Renewable Energy) at The University of Trinidad and Tobago (2012-2014). He was also a Lecturer in Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Salford Manchester, UK (2010-2012).

He has over four years engineering experience with two of the largest engineering firms in the southern Caribbean (Lee Young and Partners Ltd and Trintoplan Consultants Ltd). Prior to that he was a trainee engineer from 2001-2004 at the Desalination Company of Trinidad and Tobago (DESALCOTT) the largest desalination plant in the Western Hemisphere with a daily potable water production of 45 Million US gallons per day.

Academic Senior Lecturer in Water and Environmental Engineering. Programme Leader for the Masters of Science (MSc) in Civil Engineering, Programme Leader for the Masters of Science (MSc) in Water, Waste and Environmental Engineering.

Teaching and administrative activities for Hydraulics/Fluid Mechanics, Water and Environmental Engineering.

Excellence in Teaching and Research, I was nominated for University of Trinidad and Tobago Merit Excellence Award, Department of Utilities Engineering 2012-2013.

First place (1st) prize for presentation-Permeable Pavement Engineering for Sustainable Urban Runoff Reuse Integrated with Geothermal Heat Pumps, at the Innovation Poster Presentation at The Concrete Society's Conference Concrete Innovations 2009 - Constructing the Future. Marriott Hotel, Glasgow, May 2009.

University of Edinburgh/ Hanson Formpave PhD Scholarship in Civil and Environmental Engineering, January 2008

University of South Florida, Department of Civil Engineering, Full Scholarship for Doctoral Studies in Environmental Engineering, March, 2006.

Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada, Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering, Full Scholarship to pursue Doctoral Studies (PhD) in Solar Energy and Renewable Energy Engineering, August, 2007.

Journal Editorial Board Member for

(i) International Journal of Water Resources and Environmental Engineering (IJWREE); (ii) Water Journal (WJ); (iii) International Journal of Sustainable Water and Environmental Systems (SWES), (iv) International Water Technology Journal (IWTJ)

Journal Technical Review for

(i) Science of the Total Environment, (ii) Chemosphere and (iii) The West Indian Journal of Engineering

Consultancy Projects

Monitoring the Robustness of Greenleaf Arborflow as Sustainable Urban Drainage System (SUDS). Water Quality and Tree Health. Study included water quality assessment for polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), Petroleum Hydrocarbons (TPH), nutrients (phosphates, nitrates), suspended solids, chloride and heavy metals (Ni, Cr, Cu, and Zn) November 2013-July 2014.

Pollution Control Monitoring along the A92 Roadway, Scotland, SUDS for BEAR Scotland Ltd-Project entailed Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) Water Quality Classification for A92 Roadway Watercourses, SUDS type off roadway analysis including Wet Swales, Dry Swales, Retention Ponds and their water and sediment quality outlets sampling for Ammonia, phosphates, suspended solids, heavy metals). Typical Urban Runoff Treatment systems included Swales into pollution control chambers, culverts/manholes and outflow. November 2013-July 2014.

Water Systems Plan - Dounans Centre, Aberfoyle, Stirling, Scotland, FK8 3UT, UK. Engineering Consultant for Water supply to Dounans Centre, Aberfoyle, Stirling, Scotland, U.K. Consultancy included site visits, designs for water supply, pipeline replacements, storage tanks and rainwater harvesting onsite. March-May 2014.

  • Wastewater Treatment Using Microbial Fuel Cells with bioelectricity production
  • Performance of granular-bed anaerobic baffled reactor (GRABBR) treating municipal and industrial wastewater and generating biogas.
  • Developing Novel Photocatalytic Concrete for Depollution of Contaminants and Impurities within Urban Cities
  • Applications of Solar Photo-Fenton (Advanced Oxidation Processes) for the degradation of contaminants in municipal wastewater
  • Ultrasonic treatment for microbiological control of water systems
  • Forward osmosis and osmotic processes for water and wastewater treatment
  • Membrane bioreactors (MBR) and combining membrane processes such as nanofiltration and ultrafiltration for municipal and wastewater treatment.
  • Renewable Energy in Water and Wastewater Treatment Applications

Funded research projects

(2014) Principle Investigator Granular Bed Baffled Reactors (GRABBR) Anaerobic Municipal Wastewater Treatment and renewable energy technologies to improve the quality of wastewater and bioenergy production. Funded by The Urban Water Technology Centre (UWTC), University of Abertay Dundee, Scotland, UK.

(2013), Principle Investigator for The Feasibility of Stormwater Filtration using Coconut Husk Fibres in the Caribbean for supplying drinking water to rural communities in the Caribbean. Funded by University of Trinidad and Tobago, West Indies.

(2013), Principle Investigator for Wind Power and Seawater Desalination Technology Integration in the Southern Caribbean, Funded by Trinsult Associates Ltd, Valsayn, Trinidad, West Indies.

(2012), Principle Investigator for Desalination Research Project between The University of Trinidad & Tobago and DESALCOTT (Desalination Company of Trinidad & Tobago), addressing water quality issues in the Point Lisas Industrial Estate

(2011), Principle Investigator University of Salford Initiatives for Living Sustainably' (UNISAILS)

(2010), Principle Investigator Microbial Fuel Cells for Concentrated Urban Runoff Treatment and Bioenergy Production. University of Salford, College of Computing, Science and Engineering Research Fund

(2010), Principle Investigator Integration of Constructed Wetlands and Geothermal Heat Pumps for Renewable Energy Applications and stormwater treatment for reuse. University of Salford, College of Computing, Science and Engineering Research Fund

(2009), Principle Investigator Solar Photochemical Treatment of River Water in the Southern Caribbean. Key North Engineering Ltd, St. Augustine, Trinidad, Research Fund.

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