Dr Peter Callaghan Faculty of Engineering & Science

Peter Callaghan has been a Senior Lecturer at the School of Engineering, University of Greenwich since 2009.

Previously, he was a Research Fellow in the Electronics Labs at the University of Kent, where he carried out research into remote antenna units for radio over fibre for WLAN inside buildings and research into body-worn fibre fed UWB phased array.

He was the Head of Development at Harada European Research Centre, Sittingbourne, where he and his team did research and development of automotive antenna and related systems. They created patented,  integrated, multi-band antenna systems which were developed for production on Audi, Ford, Jaguar, Aston Martin, Volvo, Bentley and Chrysler models.

He also carried out research into optically controlled MMICs, examining the characterization of MSM diodes and MESFET under illumination with application to optically tuned and injection locked oscillators.

He started his career as the principal engineer for British Aerospace, where he developed computer simulation model for multi-layer frequency selective surfaces with application into in radomes and antennas, worked on the design of microwave filters (coupled line and WG cavity) and the design of millimetre wave radar transceivers.