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Featured alumni Faculty of Engineering & Science

“I enjoyed pretty much everything about my time at the University of Greenwich. The teaching staff were great. Not only were they good academics, they were also fun and interesting people who clearly loved what they were doing and that made the programme much easier. My fellow students were great too. I was happy living near the Medway Campus and the quality of the actual campus was good. It’s a location with a lot of history. I'd always been interested in the human side of geography and was fascinated at the time by the economic development of the old industrial areas such as the London Docklands. This led me into the construction/property industry and these days I own and run a company involved in the letting and management of property and provision of financial advice.”

Simon Hayes
BA Hons Geography

“I enjoyed my time at the University of Greenwich and was able to better myself as a person and develop key skills to take me forward. I will miss being a university football captain most and the team spirit we shared.”

Ian White
BSc Hons Sport Science with Professional Football Coaching

“I have added a lot of knowledge into my career as a biotechnologist. The facilities, modern instruments and lecturers really helped me study with much better understanding.”

Dimal De Silva
MA Biotechnology