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Sports – Science Faculty of Engineering & Science

A sports scientist has a well-rounded background in sports performance subjects. These areas include sports biomechanics, sports nutrition, physiology, anatomy, psychology, and sports injury prevention.

The knowledge gained from these subjects enables a sports scientist to work with athletes and to understand the physical, psychological and physiological demands of sport and exercise. This knowledge is used to enhance sports performance and prevent injury.

Our graduates have a very high-level of knowledge in all these subject areas and find no difficulty in transferring their skills to a wide range of vocations, some based in hospitals, others in the fitness industry, and some in schools.

It is an exciting area to explore as new research is emerging all the time, altering our perceptions of what makes athletes tick.

So if you love sport and want to make athletes, or yourself, fitter, faster and healthier, then sports science is a great route to pursue.