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Mr Niall Clark

Niall Clark BSc Hons, MSc P.G.C.E

Mr Niall Clark

Niall Clark
BSc Hons, MSc P.G.C.E

Senior Lecturer, Sports Science and Coaching

Department of Life & Sports Sciences

Faculty of Engineering & Science

Niall Clark obtained his BSc Hons in Sport Science  from the University of  Brighton in 1994. He then did his P.G.C.E in P.E and Science at Exeter University He took up a position as a Education/sport scientist at reading Football Club while obtaining a taught Master’s degree in sport science at Brunel university 1997.

He has been a sport scientist in professional football  for over 15  years and has been part of a team that has won the premiership,  been to two F.A cup finals, three play- off finals and 3  promotions. He has been at the forefront of improving the sport science support that professional players receive. Niall has presented all over the world at major conferences and worked for several National football governing bodies.

Niall  is an accredited strength and conditioning coach and has the top coaching qualification in Football and coaching qualifications in 5 different sports.

He was full time Head of medicine and sport science at five different clubs from 1998-2011. These clubs included Reading, West Ham, Charlton Crystal Palace Manchester city (consultant) and now Crawley.

In 2011 Niall took up the position of senior Lecturer in Sport Science/Coaching. He is currently Course Leader for the BSc Hons Sport Science with Coaching and the BSc Sport Science with football Coaching.

Niall’s research interests have centered around training, testing and recovery in professional football.

Responsibilities within the university

Course Leader

BSc Sport Science with Coaching,
BSc Sport Science with Football Coaching

Teaching and research interests

Physiological fitness/testing professional soccer players
Theory and principles of training
Thermoregulation in soccer players
Long term athlete development
Planning and periodization
Elite athlete preparation
Recovery protocols for football.


Niall has consulted for five different premier league clubs; He is currently consulting for a premier league club a championship club and a league 1 football club.

Course participation

Introduction to Football Coaching
Advanced Football Coaching
Introduction to Coaching Theory and Practice
Work-placement Based Learning
Exercise Physiology and Testing

Niall has nearly completed a PhD by publication.

Selected Publications

Clark NA, Edwards AM, Morton RH, Butterly RJ. Season-to-season variations of physiological fitness within a squad of professional male soccer players. Journal of Sports Science and Medicine 2008, 7: 157-165.

Edwards AM, Clark NA. Thermoregulatory observations in soccer match-play: professional and recreational level applications using an intestinal pill system to measure core temperature. British Journal of Sports Medicine 2006 Vol 40: 133-138.
Edwards AM, Clark NA, Macfadyen AM. Lactate and ventilatory thresholds reflect the training status of professional soccer players where maximum aerobic power is unchanged. Journal of Sports Science and Medicine: 2003 Vol 2 (1): 23-29.

Edwards AM, Clark NA, Macfadyen AM. Test performance indicators from a single soccer specific fitness test differentiate between highly trained and recreationally active soccer players. Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness 2003 Vol 43: 14-20.

Other Publications

Clark NA, Edwards AM. A single fitness test provides a range of performance indicators relevant to football performance. Insight 2002 5 (4): 22-24.

Clark NA, Edwards AM The role of glutamine as an indicator of training status in professional football players. Insight 2002 5 (3):42-44.

Edwards AM, Macfadyen TM, Clark N. A comparison of aerobic capacity and lactate threshold prior to, and following, a full competitive season in 1st team British professional soccer players. Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport 2002 5 (4); 101

Conference presentations

Edwards AM, Clark NA. Thermoregulatory responses to elite soccer Match-Play. Commonwealth Games Conference 2006, Melbourne, Australia.

Clark NA, Edwards AM, Cooke CB. Core temperature assessment by CorTempTM during and following an English professional soccer match. 9th Annual Congress of the European College of Sport Science (France 2004).

Clark N, Edwards AM. Anaerobic threshold and exercise tolerance are improved following training in elite soccer players where VO2 max is unchanged. 5th World Congress on Science and Football (Portugal, 2003).

Edwards AM, Clark N. A soccer specific fitness test differentiates between 1st team professional soccer players and academy trainees. 5th World Congress on Science and Football (Portugal, 2003).

Clark N, Edwards AM. Plasma glutamine concentrations differ between elite soccer players according to training status. 7th Annual Congress of the European College of Sport Science (Athens, 24-28 July, 2002).