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Geography Faculty of Engineering & Science

Environmental science and geography graduates have the world at their feet. The opportunities to apply their skills in the workplace are wide and varied.

For example, some of our students have graduated and gone into environmental planning and management fields, with organisations like the Environment Agency and councils; environmental conservation work with non-governmental organisations (NGOs), such as the Kent Wildlife Trust and the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds; and environmental analysis roles with private consultancy firms.

Other graduate destinations include organisations concerned with environmental lobbying, such as Friends of the Earth International; and surveying and mapping companies and government departments which recognise graduates’ Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and Remote Sensing skills.

Other students have gone on to work in urban land use planning with local authorities and private planning consultancy companies; the teaching profession; and police forces, where GIS skills are invaluable in crime analysis. Our graduates also find rewarding roles in the financial services and property industries, and occupy management positions in a wide range of sectors including management consultancy, personnel management, and retail and manufacturing businesses.