Science – Pharmaceutical Faculty of Engineering & Science

Pharmaceutical science is a broad-based science degree offering a huge range of career options for graduates.

A large number of our graduates secure employment in the pharmaceutical industry. Of these, probably the largest single group – roughly 40% – find work in quality roles.

Opportunities also exist for laboratory analysts and staff to run clinical trials. The conduct of trials is vital to the development of new products and requires people who are able to perform a wide range of functions, for example: the production of relatively small batches of products; liaison with medical staff over the conduct of trials; and data analysis.

Many of our graduates have gone into pharmaceutical sales and marketing. This is specialist area, requiring people who are able to keep up-to-date with product research and who are familiar with current medicines and those just entering the market.

Other opportunities exist for graduates to work in hospital laboratories and food companies where their knowledge of producing delivery methods for new pharmaceutically active molecules and producing is utilised.