Dr Birthe Nielsen Faculty of Engineering & Science

Dr Birthe Nielsen obtained her MSc in biotechnology from the Department of Life Sciences at Aalborg University, Denmark (1998–2004) where she worked in the area of molecular plant biotechnology with Professor K.D. Grasser. After finishing with a distinction, she continued to University of Portsmouth, UK, where she undertook an industry-funded PhD (2004–07) in the biomaterials and drug delivery research group with Dr J. Tsibouklis. During this time, Dr Nielsen was assessing multifunctional polymer thin films for oral care.

In October 2007, Dr Nielsen joined the School of Science at University of Greenwich, where she has been pursuing her own research interests in mass spectrometry developing methods for the detection and quantification of salivary biomarkers of clinical and biopharmaceutical significance, and the development of inorganic/organic composite materials for hard tissue replacement.

Dr Nielsen is responsible for arranging the School of Science research seminars where external and internal speakers present their scientific findings. The seminars promote knowledge transfer and provide staff and students with an opportunity to establish new contacts.