Dr Meredith Williams Faculty of Engineering & Science

Dr Meredith Williams was awarded a BSc Hons in geological sciences by the University of Birmingham in 1990, and began his career as a geologist in the offshore oil industry. He has been active in remote sensing research since 1992, gaining an MSc in applied remote sensing from Cranfield University in 1993 and a PhD from Aberystwyth University in 2003.

He spent much of the 1990s at Scott Polar Research Institute (University of Cambridge) and the Centre for Glaciology (Aberystwyth University), working on a range of Russian Arctic projects using satellite imagery to monitor vegetation changes in tundra regions, and characterise glacierised area ice dynamics in the High Arctic.

In 2000 he joined Newcastle University as a lecturer in remote sensing, where he continued his involvement in glaciological remote sensing, including the Earthwatch 'Iceland Glaciers' project. led by Professor Andy Russell, and research in Greenland. His vegetation research expanded to non-tundra vegetation applications, in particular hyperspectral vegetation stress monitoring, working with partners such a Shell International Exploration & Production. He supervised a wide range of PhD projects, and diversified into other remote sensing applications including the use of LiDAR imagery for mapping flood impacts and the calibration/validation of optical imagery.

In September 2010 he joined the Centre for GIS and Remote Sensing at University of Greenwich as a senior lecturer.