Dr Milan Antonijevic Faculty of Engineering & Science

Dr Milan Antonijevic obtained a BSc Hons in chemistry from the School of Chemistry, University of Belgrade, Serbia in 1997. He then spent just over four years working in the quality control department (physico-chemical characterisation) of Hemofarm, the leading pharmaceutical company in Serbia. His next career step involved a move to the UK and the continuation of his education.

Dr Antonijevic studied pharmaceutical materials science under the supervision of Dr Susan A Barker and Professor Duncan Q M Craig. He was awarded a PhD at the School of Pharmacy, Queen's University Belfast, in 2005.

His first faculty post was at the School of Chemical Sciences and Pharmacy, University of East Anglia, 2004 as a senior demonstrator. His first permanent faculty post as a lecturer at the School of Science, University of Greenwich, started in 2006, progressing to senior lecturer and programme Leader for BSc Hons Chemistry in 2008 and subsequently becoming principal lecturer and programme leader for MSc Pharmaceutical Science in 2010.

Dr Antonijevic uses thermal analytical techniques, specifically, thermally stimulated current (TSC) spectroscopy to study pharmaceutically important molecules. His particular interest lies in monitoring phase changes of active principles, excipients and their interactions. Information obtained is used to develop optimal dosage form. Additional projects involve development of methods that can be used to predict the stability, photodegradation pathways and kinetics of photo degradation of drug in both crystalline and amorphous form.