Melinda Whong Generative second language acquisition

Melinda Whong is a Senior Lecturer in English Language Teaching in the department of Linguistics and Phonetics, at the University of Leeds and also the Director of the Leeds Language Centre. 

Her interests are in the role of linguistics in language teaching; ELT methodology; second language acquisition; psycholinguistics; with interest in the following languages in particular: English, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic.

"The Importance of Generative Research for Language Teaching"

This paper argues that the acquisition-learning distinction remains a valid and useful distinction in the generative framework, and highlights how developments in generative theory mean that there are more points of agreement between generative and non-generative positions than there were when the Krashen-inspired characterization of the distinction was articulated by Schwartz (1993). It also explores how a generative view of language is essential when considering questions of what and how language should be taught, by considering data from a study of Arabic-speaking learners of English which compares their knowledge of a pedagogical grammar rule with their ability to apply that rule.

Generative second language acquisition is hosted by the , University of Greenwich.