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Governance and Management

Intellectual Property


5) Disclosure of Intellectual Property

5.1 Any University Employee who has developed IP which may be patentable or subject to other protection or which may be in any way capable of commercialisation will inform their Head of School, who shall consider the approach in confidence. The University Employee and the Head will take advice from the Director of Research and Enterprise and then, if it is proposed to exploit the IP, disclose as fully as possible in line with the Stage Gate process details of the IP. All information concerning IP shall be deemed confidential.

5.2 In certain circumstances it may be necessary to restrict publication or external disclosure of IP (for example, where a patent application is envisaged). CAG members and GRE staff will provide advice in these cases. Such restrictions are not intended to limit in any way the academic freedom of University Employees to publish the results of research or intellectual pursuits.

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