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Governance and Management

Intellectual Property


1) Intellectual Property Policy: Preamble

1.1       The University of Greenwich (the "University") has as its primary goals (i) the teaching of students in various disciplines at under- and post-graduate levels, (ii) the expansion of knowledge through scholarly studies and research, (iii) the support of the business and wider community throughout its region and beyond, and (iv) the publication and other dissemination of the products of its studies and research.  In accomplishing these goals, University staff members, researchers and any other persons employed or appointed by the University to produce innovative or novel work or ideas (collectively referred to as "University Employees") may develop intellectual property (“IP”).  This Policy addresses the ownership of rights in and to such IP together with the arising commercial exploitation, and the means whereby the interests both of the University and University Employees may be protected.

1.2       For purposes of this Policy, the term "IP" refers to all types of intellectual property. The following examples are not exhaustive: the Policy applies to other types not listed here, regardless of whether they may be protected by patent, copyright, trademark, trade secret or other law.

·         Discoveries

·         Inventions

·         Trade secrets

·         Trade and service marks

·         Writings

·         Art works, including films, videos and multi-media productions;

·         Musical compositions and performances

·         Software

·         Literary works

·         Architecture

1.3       Since publications may disclose patentable inventions, University Employees should seek assistance from the Director of Research and Enterprise of the University prior to publication, if they believe such IP may have commercial value.

1.4       Where IP arises out of research funded by Research Council grants or by external industrial collaborators or commissioners of research with whom a written contract is in place dealing with matters of ownership of Intellectual Property, ownership will first be determined by the conditions under which funding of the research work is granted. 

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