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Governance and Management

Intellectual Property


4) Rights and Obligations

4.1       Commercial exploitation of IP is carried out in accordance with the “Stage Gate” process approved by the Board of Greenwich University Enterprises Limited (“GUE Ltd.”). Evaluation of IP and recommendations on investment therein are made by the Commercial Activities Group (“CAG”), a sub-group of GUE Ltd.  Its members include the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research and Enterprise), the Director of Finance, the Secretary to GUE Ltd. and the Director of Research and Enterprise.

4.2       The CAG is responsible for implementing published guidelines (including this Policy), for identification of commercial exploitation routes, for recommending to Court via GUE Ltd. the creation of spin-out companies in appropriate cases, and for ensuring observance of rights and responsibilities by all parties relating to IP.

4.3        The CAG will be primarily responsible, having consulted Heads of School where appropriate, for deciding whether or not to proceed with patent or other protection for IP and for assisting IP generators and other University Employees to comply with contractual or other legal obligations regarding the protection of IP or confidential information, or the publication of the results of research and activity.

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