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Governance and Management

Intellectual Property


6) Protection and Exploitation of Intellectual Property

6.1 For each disclosure of IP the CAG shall determine whether to seek patent protection or any other form of protection for the IP.

6.2 Where it is decided to seek exploitation of IP, one or more actions will be taken as appropriate and in accordance with the current guidelines for implementation of this Policy. The possible routes for action are set out in the operational guide.

6.3 If the University elects not to seek patent or other protection for IP, and if the CAG determines that the University has no interest in seeking commercialisation thereof, the University shall release and assign all commercialisation rights to the IP generator(s) subject to the granting back to the University of a non-exclusive, perpetual, world-wide, royalty free licence to use the IP for administrative, promotional, teaching and research purposes but not for subsequent commercial purposes without the prior agreement of the IP owner.

6.4 Where an IP generator leaves the University, he/she shall be required not to enter into any agreement with any third party (including a new employer) to exploit IP generated while a University Employee and not previously declared and assessed in accordance with this policy until at least two years have elapsed. The University will exert its full powers of assignment in the event of any attempts by a University Employee to conceal the existence or worth of IP generated in order to evade his/her obligations to the University.

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