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Governance and Management

Intellectual Property


3) Students

3.1              A Student is any person registered as a student of the University, or following any course as if he/she were such a student. Ownership of IP created by a Student, who is not also a University Employee, rests with the Student. Students who are also University Employees, including Research Assistants and Knowledge Transfer Partnership Associates, are treated as Employees for the purposes of this policy.  The employer of Students (usually part-time) who are employed by an organisation sponsoring their studies will be the first owner of any IP arising, according to the nature of the work being undertaken;  ownership arrangements will otherwise be dealt with in accordance with the terms of the sponsorship agreement between the employer and the University.

3.2              All postgraduate research Students will normally be asked to sign an Intellectual Property Assignment agreement prior to their enrolment with the University;  in consideration for such assignment they will receive support and benefits from subsequent use of IP to which they have made a direct, inventive contribution as if they were a University Employee.  Should a Student refuse to assign his/her arising IP to the University, the University will have the right to withhold the Student’s access to the area of research and to seek to find, without obligation of success, an alternative research topic which will not compromise any University interests or those of its Employees.

3.3              If a Student creates IP outside the scope of his/her University work, with more than incidental use of University resources, he/she will be deemed to have agreed to transfer such IP to the University.

3.4              Students on enrolment grant to the University and its subsidiaries a non-exclusive, perpetual, world-wide, royalty free licence to use IP created by a Student in the course of his/her studies with the University for administrative, promotional, teaching and research purposes, with rights to sub-license.  Investment in or support of commercial development of a Student’s materials will be granted by the University only where an Intellectual Property Assignment agreement is in place which transfers ownership to the University.  In this event the Student will be rewarded as if he/she were a University Employee.

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