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  1. The University is willing to accept sponsorship from reputable (but uncontroversial) companies for certain events and publications.

  2. Sponsorship should bring benefit to the University, and should take the form of payment in cash or in kind, as appropriate. 

    Sponsorship should be accepted only where the cost of including the sponsor’s logo, etc. on publications, or the cost of including sponsors' guests at events, is less than the amount of funds being given.

  3. Sponsorship may be accepted for the following:

    • University events or publications
    • School events or publications
    • Departmental events or publications

    except as specified in 4 below.

  4. Sponsorship may not be accepted for the following:

    • University prospectuses
    • University, school or departmental web sites
  5. Sponsorship may not be accepted from the following:

    • Political parties or organisations
    • Tobacco companies
    • Companies trading in armaments
  6. Staff negotiating sponsorship arrangements should not agree to terms which are outside their gift.

    For example, one department cannot agree that a sponsorship arrangement for a specific event or publication will cover another similar event or publication in a different department.

  7. In order to ensure that potential sponsors are not approached by several people within the University, staff should inform the University Secretary of potential approaches before making them.

    There is no reason for staff to seek approval for donations of small sums of money, or their equivalent, but it would be helpful for these to be notified to the University Secretary so that the database of potential donors can be kept up-to-date.

  8. All sponsorship agreements must be in writing and must be approved by the University Secretary.

Approved by Executive Committee

June 2002