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Software overview IT and Library Services

Software (the programs and applications running on computer systems) are vital assets of the University. They make individual and networks of computers work; provide facilities to run the business of the University; support teaching, learning and research; facilitate the dissemination and exchange of information; and give access to specialist and general purpose tools.

As assets which are valuable, strategic, often expensive (in terms of cost and/or support), and bound by licensing rules and legal requirements, it is crucial for the University to manage and monitor its software resources so that:

  • a comprehensive and up-to-date record of all software installed on University computers and networks is maintained, with audit tools being regularly used to check its accuracy
  • software is purchased in line with the University’s purchasing rules and agreements, and under the most favourable licensing arrangements
  • software is installed and used in accordance with legal requirements, with the suppliers’ licensing rules and regulations, and with the University’s IT policies
  • illegal or inappropriate installation and/or use of software is identified and stopped, and the appropriate disciplinary actions are taken under the University’s procedures
  • proposed new software purchases or acquisitions are submitted for approval, and are checked for compatibility with the University’s IT facilities, for supportability, for duplication, and for value for money
  • the levels of software usage are monitored and controlled, both to comply with licensing rules and to inform decisions about re-licensing, redeployment, or removal
  • software upgrades are efficiently and effectively rolled out to the appropriate users and computers
  • reports to suppliers on the installation and usage of their software products are produced as required
  • software media, licensing keys, and agreements are stored securely and their location and use recorded

To these ends the University has a Software Policy, and rules and procedures for the purchase and acquisition of software (including the development of in-house applications). These, and other information about the availability and installation of software applications, can be seen on related ILS web pages.

Last Updated: 23 Aug 2017