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The University of Greenwich is participating in Janet Roaming (Eduroam), a service that allows a person to access the Internet at any participating organisation by using their own institutes username and password. The University conforms to Janet JRS Tier 2, as defined in their specification. For more information about the Janet Roaming Service (JRS) and a list of participating sites, please visit:

Who can connect?

  • University Visitors from participating Universities
  • University of Greenwich staff and students visiting other participating Universities


Before connecting to the network, you should familiarise yourself with the regulations for computing use at the University of Greenwich. You are reminded that when using the University of Greenwich computing facilities you are bound by the regulations for the Use of Computing Facilities at the University of Greenwich. While using the Eduroam Janet Roaming service you are also bound to the JANET Acceptable Use Policy.

University of Greenwich staff and students connecting at a different University must also abide by the regulations and acceptable use policy of the site you are visiting.

How to connect to Eduroam (PDF files):


Visitors should in the first instance contact their own institution for any help and advice.

Last updated: 17/04/14