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Panopto Enabled Rooms IT and Library Services

The Panopto client is now installed onto every fixed teaching "Podium" PC  in every Lecture Theatre and Seminar room across the University. However, while the software and a microphone (fixed to the desk or lapel mike)  is installed, cameras are not installed at every location, meaning audio recordings only can be made with desktop capture. All lecture theatres across the three campuses and classrooms in Stockwell Street are equipped with compatible cameras.

It is possible to quickly install Panopto onto your office machine via the Software center

For a local copy of the Panopto software for home PCs and Laptops and for Mac OS devices, you can download the software from the links on the Panopto block within Moodle:

Panopto block in Moodle 

Alternatively, for home PCs and laptops  (and also as an emergency should any of the Teaching Podium PC's not function correctly) you can install a self-contained, (no admin rights required) version of Panopto by downloading the file from the Panopto Documentation area and following the "Panopto - Installation on a local PC or laptop" instructions.