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Academic Council


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Functions of Academic Council

Within the general policy of the University and subject to the ultimate responsibility of the Court and to the responsibilities of the Vice Chancellor, the Academic Council shall exercise the following functions:-

(i) The maintenance of academic standards within the University, and the planning, co-ordination, development oversight, validation and review of the curriculum and all academic work of the University and advising the Court on the resource implications of such planning.

(ii) The making of recommendations to the Court relating to the academic structure and organisation of the University.

(iii) The fostering and maintenance of close connections with industry, commerce, the professions, universities, other educational establishments and research organisations.

(iv) The making of recommendations to the Court for the establishment of advisory committees as it deems to be necessary.

(v) The oversight of all arrangements for teaching in the University.

(vi) The regulation of the academic conditions for the admission of students to and their progression within the University.

(vii) The regulation of policies and procedures for assessment and examination of students within the University.

(viii) The appointment and removal of internal and external examiners.

(ix) The power to confer the award of academic qualifications, prizes or other distinctions including honorary academic titles as may be agreed with the Court.

(x) The development of teaching methods and courses.

(xi) The organisation of facilities for research and scholarship and for the publication of papers relating thereto.

(xii) The giving of advice on the arrangements for the appointment and promotion of teaching and research staff.

(xiii) The nomination to the Court of members of the Academic Council for appointment as Governors under Article 7(2)(b).

(xiv) The nomination of academic representatives to external bodies.

(xv) The making to the Court of such reports and recommendations as the Academic Council may consider appropriate on any academic and related matters including those matters referred to the Academic Council by the Court.

(xvi) The exercise of functions relating to exclusion of students from courses of study for academic reasons and appeals against decisions of examination boards in accordance with bye laws and regulations made under Article of these Articles.

(xvii) The exercise of any other functions which may be delegated to it by the Court or referred to it by the Vice Chancellor.

Many of these functions are delegated to one of the Committees of Council but Council both oversees and has entitlement to make decisions in each of the areas specified above.