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Academic Council


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Role Holders and Elections


Role Holders

Following a re-organisation within the university whereby the Academic Registry and Student Services were restructured to establish the Office of Student Affairs, the Director of Student & Academic Services has served as the Executive Secretary to Academic Council.

As set out in "The Schedule", the Academic Council may invite persons, who need not necessarily be members of the staff of the university, to attend any of the meetings and to participate in its discussions, but such invited persons shall not be entitled to vote on any resolution of the Academic Council.



Academic Council elections are handled by the office of the Director of Student & Academic Services.  They normally take place at the end of the Spring Term and in the Summer Term so that all elections are completed by the end of the Summer Term, to ensure that all members are in place for the first meeting of the new session.

Nominations are called for by email and if there is more than one nominee a ballot is held, either by email or, where the election concerns members of staff university-wide, this is handled centrally in the office of the Director of Student & Academic Services with ballot forms being returned there.

Election results are announced through this Office.


Elections for appointment to Court

Two members of Academic Council are elected for consideration for appointment as members of the Court.  These members are appointed for a duration of three years or until he or she ceases to be eligible for election and appointment, whichever is sooner.

This election is started by the office of the Director of Student & Academic Services and members for Court are nominated by returning a paper nomination form which is sent to the Registrar and Secretary's Office.  Results are announced from that Office.