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Academic Quality Unit


Academic Quality Unit

The Academic Quality Unit (AQU) was formed on 1 August 2013 by bringing together the University's central Learning & Quality Unit and local-level quality management in the four Faculties of the University, with the intention of closing the gap between local and central quality management by locating the University's central quality management unit alongside the Faculties. This integrative structure is intended to reflect the fact that the responsibility for quality assurance and quality enhancement rests with everyone: academic staff, professional support staff and quality management staff.

The work of the AQU encompasses all of the key institutional- and local-level quality and standards activities. Members of the team are associated with specific Faculties, as well as being partially accountable for, and contributing to, the processes of institutional oversight, primarily exercised by the University committees. As part of its activities, the AQU supports academic staff in the Faculties to enhance the quality of learning and teaching.

Led by the Head of the Academic Quality Unit, each AQU team comprises a Quality Manager and one or more Quality Officers, depending on the size and complexity of the Faculty. The structure of the AQU is as follows:

Wendy Cealey HarrisonHead of the Academic Quality Unit

Associated Faculties:

Stephen Naylor, Quality Manager

Alice Hilling, Quality Officer

Eric Denning, Quality Officer

Heather Baynes, Quality Officer

Architecture, Computing and Humanities

Nikki Makinwa, Quality Manager

Deborah Sheppard, Quality Officer


Diane Coutinho, Quality Manager

Kim Oliver, Quality Officer

Marisa Bartoli, Quality Officer

Education and Health

Jo Gillis, Quality Manager

Emma Collyer, Quality Officer

Gillian Potter, Quality Officer 

Engineering and Science