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Appraisal at the University of Greenwich

The appraisal cycle lasts from 1 March to 31 July. This means that all appraisal meetings are to be completed and written up online by the end of July.

Accessing the online appraisal system

To access the online appraisal system, first click on 'Log in with SSO' at

This will take you through to the portal login page, where you should enter your normal university username and password.  You will be taken to your homepage within the appraisal system, where you can access your appraisal form. Further support is available below.

Staff on probation do not typically have an appraisal, so won't have an appraisal form within the appraisal system this year. If you are on probation and agree with your line-manager to have an appraisal, or if you are a manager on probation and need to carry out appraisals, please let us know at

What is Appraisal at the University of Greenwich?

Appraisal at the University of Greenwich enables the effective alignment of individual contribution with the achievement of organisational objectives. Used effectively, appraisal provides advantages to both the appraisee and the appraiser through:

  • reviewing performance and achievements over the past year against agreed objectives and standards;
  • agreeing work plans for the year ahead, including appropriate objectives and standards;
  • reviewing personal and professional development outcomes and future needs.


Support is available to provide staff with the knowledge and skills required to make appraisal a constructive, positive experience. The support includes:

For queries about appraisal, please email