Chris Pawlowska

Chris Pawlowska LLB, Solicitor’s Final Examinations

Chris Pawlowska
LLB, Solicitor’s Final Examinations

Senior Lecturer

Faculty of Architecture, Computing and Humanities

Before joining University of Greenwich, Chris worked as a solicitor in commercial practice in several London firms

Senior Lecturer in Law

  • Course coordinator, European Law
  • Course coordinator, Competition Law
  • Senior lecturer, Law of Torts
  • Joint Level 5 LLB Tutor
  • Member of the Society of Legal Scholars
  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

Chris's main areas of interest are the Law of Torts - Vicarious Liability in Intentional Torts; Aspects of Professional Negligence; European law; Free movement rights within the EU and attendant family rights; Federalism and the EU; and the Impact of the Treaty of Lisbon.

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  • Pawlowska, C. (2007) Spouses, partners and family breakdown. New Law Journal, 157 (7275), p. 77.

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