Chris Ware

Dr Christopher Ware MA, PhD

Chris Ware

Dr Christopher Ware

Senior Lecturer

Department of History, Politics and Social Sciences

Faculty of Architecture, Computing and Humanities

Dr Chris Ware has been lecturing at the University of Greenwich since September 2005, teaching on two Masters level programmes. From 2010-14 he was the programme leader for the MA in Maritime History and the MA by Research in Maritime Studies. He is now the programme leader for the MA International Maritime Policy.

From 1999–2005, Dr Ware taught at the University of Kent on their Theory and Practice of Local History course. In October 2010, he gained internal formulaic funding to undertake research into The Unknown War with Spain 1727–1732, which has resulted in two lectures and one article published in August 2013 in the Mariners Mirror, the Journal of the Society for Nautical Research, a tier one publication.

Prior to joining the University of Greenwich Dr Ware was for 22 years a member of the curatorial staff at the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, during which time he published his first book on the bomb vessels, as well as research on station ships in the plantations in the first quarter of the 18th century. As a member of the staff at the National Maritime Museum, he was involved in various projects designed to computerise the records at the museum.

Whilst working at the museum, Dr Ware undertook research for his chapter on Admiral George Byng. This work was published as a chapter in a book co-edited by Professor Richard Harding of the University of Westminster and Dr Peter LeFevre. This work, the Precursors of Nelson, was published in autumn 2000 by Chatham Press to positive reviews. 

Much of the background research for Dr Ware's major work on Admiral John Byng was undertaken during his employment at the museum, with the final research and writing undertaken at the Greenwich Maritime Institute University of Greenwich. This resulted in a major biography on the Admiral, published in September of 2009 and titled Admiral John Byng, his rise and execution. Dr Ware is in the early stage of writing a book on the Unknown War with Spain and is in contact with interested publishers.

Senior Lecturer in Naval History 1.0

Programme leader MA International Maritime Policy

  • 2007–09: Council Member of the Navy Records Society

Formulaic funding for the Unknown War with Spain 1727-1732 (2010)

The aim of the research is to highlight the use of maritime power by the British in the first quarter of the 18thcentury, their disputes with Spain over trade in the West Indies and its disquiet with Britain's acquisition of Gibraltar in 1704 and the ratification of that by the Treaty of Utrecht in 1713. These disrupts signalled a change in the operation of the Royal Navy and the project has shown how this not only affected where the Navy served but also the effects on the Royal Dockyards in particular. Plymouth, the newest of the yards, was developed during the this period.

The Prison Hulks – bid in preparation (to be submitted to AHRC September 2013)

This research will look not at the administration of the prison hulks but how they were perceived by the local communities which were alongside them, taking as case studies those at Rochester and Chatham. The project also aims to see how many of those who were sentenced to the hulks were actually pardoned almost on arrival as an administrative convenience.

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