Claire Eustance

Dr Claire Eustance BA Hons, PhD

Dr Claire Eustance
BA Hons, PhD

Senior Lecturer

Department of History, Politics and Social Sciences

Faculty of Architecture, Computing and Humanities

Dr Claire Eustance joined the team of historians based in the School of Humanities at the University of Greenwich in May 2013.

Claire has worked in further and higher education in London since 1994. After completing her PhD at the University of York in 1993, Claire completed a three-year post-doctoral research fellowship at the University of Greenwich (then based in Woolwich) where she contributed to research project on masculinity and male support for women’s suffrage and served as a joint editor of the journal Gender & History.

Claire subsequently moved into education project management and steered a series of initiatives aimed at widening participation in learning among marginalised and excluded communities in Tower Hamlets, Hackney, Newham and London.

In 2009 Claire returned to the University of Greenwich to manage a JISC-funded curriculum design and development project based in the Office of Information & Library Services (ILS). The opportunity to return to her research interests in gender history and to teaching proved too enticing to resist and so after the ILS project ended Claire applied for her current post as a lecturer in the School of Humanities.

  • Chair, University of Greenwich Archive Steering Group

Claire has published widely on the women's suffrage movement and is in the early stages of developing a project that will revisit the histories of the movement, aimed at coinciding with the centenary anniversary of the granting of the vote to British women in 1918.

Recently Claire was invited to contribute to a Radio 4 Women's Hour programme on the women's suffrage campaign and its impact and has also given talks to local history groups.

"Protests from Behind the Grille: Gender and the transformation of Parliament, 1867-1914", in B. Ziemann & T. Mergel (eds), European Political History 1870-1913, (Ashgate, Farnham, 2007) [Originally published in Parliamentary History, 1997, No 16, pp. 107-26.]

C. Eustance et al (eds), A Suffrage Reader: Charting Directions in British Suffrage History (Leicester University Press, London, 2000)

A.V. John & C. Eustance (eds) The Men's Share?: Masculinities, Male Support and Women's Suffrage, 1980-1920 (Routledge, London, 1997)

"Meanings of militancy: the ideas and practice of political resistance in the Women's Freedom League, 1907-1914" in M. Joannou & J. Purvis (eds) The Women's Suffrage Movement. New Feminist Perspectives (Manchester University Press, Manchester, 1998)

"Citizens, Scotsmen, 'bairns': manly politics and women's suffrage in the Northern
Men's Federation", in The Men's Share

(forthcoming) Alsford, S. & Eustance, C. 2013 Mapping transition: an interactive workshop. Clark, R., Andrew, J. & Thomas, L (eds). Compendium of Effective Practice: Proven ways to improve student retention and success – 2nd Edition. York: HEA, Paul Hamblyn, Hefce, Action on Access.

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