Edward Phillips

Edward Phillips LLB, BCL

Edward Phillips

Principal Lecturer

Faculty of Architecture, Computing and Humanities


Edward joined the University of Greenwich in 1991. He had previously taught at the Universities of Malaya, Hull and Buckingham. He was also a part-time researcher at the Law Commission of England and Wales. He served as a General Commissioner of Income Tax, between 1993 - 2003, and in 2008 he was appointed as a Visiting Associate Professor at the Law Faculty, University of Malaya. In 2017, he was appointed as Visiting Professor at the Cardinal Herrera University (Valencia, Spain). He has also served as Director / Trustee of two national charities: the Shepherd House Project (serving homeless ex-offenders) and Broken Rainbow (serving victims of domestic violence).

Professional and academic associations

  • Society of Legal Scholars
  • Socio-Legal Studies Association
  • Association of Law Teachers
  • National Administrator, Jessup (UK)
  • Fellow, Royal Society of Arts
  • Editorial Board, COMPASS: The Greenwich Journal of Learning and Teaching

PhD Supervision

  • 'Seafarers' Rights in China: Restructuring in Legislation and Practice Under the Maritime Labour Convention 2006' (awarded 2015)
  • 'A Maritime Domain for the East African Community: An Innovative Institutional Framework' (awarded 2017)

Current supervision:

  • 'An Analysis of 'Green' Ship Re-cycling, with emphasis on China' (expected completion in 2017)
  • 'Regulation of Flag States in International Shipping Law' (provisional title)

Research/scholarly interests

Edward's main areas of interests include: Computer Forensics, Public Shipping Law, International Law, Law and Art, Law and Education, Criminal Law and Evidence.

Current research project

  • Law and Memory - Transitional Justice

Selected publications


  • Legal Education: Simulation in Theory and Practice (Caroline Strevens, Plymouth University, Richard Grimes, York University and Edward Phillips, University of Greenwich), Ashgate Press, 2014. Originally published in hardback, this has been re-issued in paperback in 2016
  • The Law Relating to Theft (as lead author, with Charlotte Walsh and Paul Dobson), Cavendish Publications, 2001
  • A Briefcase on the Law of Evidence, Cavendish Publications, 1996; second edition: 2000In
  • In preparation: Cases and Materials on the Law of the Sea

Articles / Book Chapters

  • "The Experience of the Indian Penal Code and its Influence on the Codification Enterprise"(2017), accepted for publication in the Summer 2017 volume of the Jersey and Guernsey Law Review. Please change the reference (underlined) to: [2017] The Jersey and Guernsey Law Review 166
  • "Safety First: Reconstructing the Concept of Seaworthiness under the Maritime Labour Convention 2006", in (2016) 67 Marine Policy 54 (co-authored with Zhang Pengfei)
  • "Revisiting the Law of Evidence: A Case Study on the Practicalities of Simulation-Based Learning and Teaching" book chapter in Legal Education: Simulation in Theory and Practice, Ashgate Press, 2014 (see above)
  • "Protecting Cultural Heritage: War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity"; chapter in Revolutions in the Middle-East and North Africa (ed. Carlo Panaro and Gary Wilson, Martinus Nijhoff (2013)
  • "The Doctrine of Responsible Protection: The Legality of the Libyan Intervention" for the Denning Law Journal [2012] Denning Law Journal
  • "Law Games: Role Play and Simulation in Teaching Legal Application and Practical Skills" COMPASS: International Journal of Learning and Teaching, Issue 5, 2012
  • "Islamic Law in the Law School: The Challenges of Integration" in Perspectives: Teaching Islamic Studies in Higher Education (Higher Education Academy) Issue 4, 2012
  • "Miscarriages of Justice and the Forensic Expert: the Impact of the Law Commission's Reforms" (2011) 79:3 Medico-Legal Journal 94
  • "The Science of Proof: The Admissibility of Expert Forensic Evidence under English Law", Pleadings: Festschrift for Prof Florian Tremmel, Studia Juridica Hungary (June 2011)
  • "Exceeding the Boundaries of Formulaic Assessment: Innovation and Creativity in the Law School" (2010) 44 (3) The Law Teacher (The International Journal of legal Education) 331 (as lead author, with Sandra Clarke, Angela Laycock and Sarah Crofts)
  • "Legal Myth-Making: Medea and the Representation of the Feminine 'Other' ", in Unbinding Medea: Interdisciplinary Approaches to a Classical Myth from Antiquity to the 21st Century (ed: Anne Simon, Bristol University & Heike Bartel, Nottingham University), 2010, Legenda Press (Modern Humanities Research Association)
  • "Diminished Responsibility and Intoxication: Interpretation, Policy and Authority in R v Dietschmann" [2004 – 2005] Denning Law Journal 19
  • "The Incorporation of the European Convention on Human Rights: Maintaining the Integrity of a Modern Criminal Justice System within the Context of Improperly Obtained Evidence" (2003) 9(2) Contemporary Politics 185
  • "R v Woollin: Settling Intention in the House of Lords" [1999] 33(1) The Law Teacher 79
  • "R v Adomako: Is this the Last Word on Negligent Manslaughter?" (1995) 29(3) The Law Teacher 338
  • Manual: "Setting National Human Rights Goals - Human Rights Training for Public Officials" (with Prof John Hatchard, SOAS) This was prepared in collaboration with the Human Rights Unit of the Commonwealth Secretariat. (The Human Rights Unit utilised the Manual in national seminars organized by the Unit for public officials as an aid to identifying national human rights goals and strategies), 1995
  • "Testing the Truth: The Alliance of Science and Law", in Criminal Justice in Crisis edited by Michael McConville & Lee Bridges, Warwick University, Edward Elgar Press, 1994
  • "A Comparative Study of Compensatory Discrimination - Cautionary Tales for the United Kingdom" in Discrimination: The Limits of Law edited by Hepple (University College, London) and Szyszcak (LSE), published by Mansell (1992) (Studies in Labour and Social Law series)
  • "Drastic Solutions: A Comparative Study of Emergency Powers in the Commonwealth" [1990] Denning Law Journal 57

Selected Conference Papers

  • Sexual Anarchy: From Deviance to Normality, Law and Culture Conference - 'Anarchy', Centre of Law and Culture, St Mary's University, September 2017
  • The Criminal Finances Bill: Re-thinking Corporate Fraud, Conference - The Fraud Act 2006: Ten Years On, University of Worcester, January 2017
  • Memory and Forgetting: Law and Literature in Transitional Societies, International Conference on Society, Law and Culture, Zagreb, Croatia December 2016
  • Suspicion and Distrust in the South China Sea: An Analysis of the Decision of the International Court of Arbitration, Society and the Sea Conference, University of Greenwich, September 2016; aspects of this paer was delivered as a guest lecture at Southampton Solent University in October 2016 as the inaugural guest lecture for the China Maritime Centre
  • The Lawyers' Gaze: The Female Defendant under Scrutiny in 'Defendant and Counsel' by William Frederick Yeames, Conference of Law and Culture, St Mary's University September 2016
  • Taking the Oath: Mental Disability and Witness Competency, Mental Disability Conference, Nottingham University July 2016
  • The Four Pillars of Maritime Regulation, guest lecture for the World Maritime University and Lloyds' Maritime, July 2016
  • A Digital Future: Managing Risk, Privacy and Consent, Royal United Services Institute for Defence and Security, June 2016
  • The Evolution of Criminal Law Codification: The Indian Penal Code and its Impact on the Commonwealth. Conference entitled: Does Jersey Need a Criminal Code November 2015
  • Telling Stories: The Power of the Narrative in Legal Education, DPR (Discourse, Power, Resistance) Conference – Research and Practice: Exchange and Change, Greenwich April 2014
  • Sanctioned History and Colonial Disgrace: Kenya and Malaya, Keynote Address, Conference on Law and History, University of Essex, September 2013
  • The [Legal] Garden of Evening Mists (by Tan Twan Eng): Personal Reflections of Colonialism and Conflict, for the Conference of the Socio-Legal Studies Association, York University, March 2013

Principal Lecturer in Law