Giulia Zampini

Dr Giulia Zampini BA, MSc, PhD

Dr Giulia Zampini
BA, MSc, PhD


Faculty of Architecture, Computing and Humanities

I have been teaching and researching in social science for the past five years. I have always had a keen interest in how policy is made and the way it affects marginalised populations, particularly in relation to "victimless crimes" such as drug consumption and prostitution. Before coming to academia, I worked in harm reduction services and drug policy advocacy.

Lecturer in Criminology

Drug policy; prostitution policy; evidence-based policy; the policy process; governance; the relationship between law, morality and ideology; qualitative comparative analysis; network analysis.

Zampini, G. F, (2014), Governance versus government: drug consumption rooms in Australia and the UK, The International Journal on Drug Policy, 25(5), pp. 978–984.

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