Jerry Allen

Jerry Allen MBA, MPhil, BEd (Hons) AMIKT

Jerry Allen

Jerry Allen
MBA, MPhil, BEd (Hons) AMIKT

Deputy Director of Enterprise

Department of Systems Management and Strategy

Faculty of Business

Jerry Allen leads the entrepreneurial agenda at the University of Greenwich, after joining in 2011 to initially drive forward innovation in regional SMEs as part of the European Project FLASH.

Encouraging entrepreneurship across the globe has become Jerry's passion stemming from his unique experience of 7 start ups and supporting several hundred student start-ups.

Over 7 years, Jerry has encouraged over 1400 new student business idea, 150 start-ups, issued 114 Graduate Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa's and currently manages 39 Graduate Entrepreneurs in the i3 Centre Incubation Hub.

In 2014 Jerry started the, now flourishing, Social Enterprise Challenge to nurture those student business ideas with a strong social mission and purpose.

Each year Jerry co-ordinates a programme of workshops to encourage student start-ups. Captured digitally this has generated 99 YouTube videos and recently 18 Facebook Live broadcasts attracting over 2000 views.

Recognised by the London Mayor in 2016, Jerry is now the London Mayor Entrepreneur training and advisor for all 40 London Universities. Shortlisted for the Guardian University Awards in 2017 for International entrepreneurial efforts, Jerry is determined to inspire and encourage many new start-ups.

Acknowledged as an expert in the field Jerry now sits on the UK Government DCLG Sub-Committee for Interreg France Channel England and 2 Seas Project Selection. He also acts as a UK delegate on the European Project Management Committee for Interreg France Channel England and 2 Seas Projects.

Currently Jerry is actively developing a string of new project ideas which include social innovation, social entrepreneurship, the circular economy, entrepreneurship in the rural environment and creating new student start-ups.

Jerry Allen is a leading international speaker on enterprise, social innovation, digital learning platforms and European funding.

  • EU INTERREG V DCLG UK National Committee Member (from 2017) for France Channel England & 2 Seas Programme.
  • EU INTERREG V DCLG European Programme Monitoring UK Committee Representative Member (from 2017) for France Channel England & 2 Seas Programme.
  • Board Member, Educational Innovation in Economics and Business (EDINEB) (from June 2016)
  • Board Member, Knowledge London (from June 2016)
  • London Mayor Entrepreneur Trainer & Advisor for all 40 London Universities from Nov 2016
  • Expert Reviewer: Springer Publications February 2017.
  • Expert Reviewer for 'Journal of Management Development' February 2016.
  • Expert Reviewer for 'Advances in Business Education and Training' January 2011

Jerry Allen's research interests mirror the European agenda of creating jobs and growth. He has published widely on starting social enterprises, starting a new business and graduate internships.The current main focus is on social innovation particularly starting new enterprises amongst European Refugee communities.

Allen J. H. Start Ups: Steps to Success, Published on Amazon Kindle July 2015

Oham, C. Pestano, C. Allen, J.  Social Enterprise and the Wider Community: One Possible Model. International Journal of Social Enterprise and Social Innovation, 4,2, 176-181, 2016

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