Dr Ulke Veersma

Dr Ulke Veersma PhD, MSc, BA

Dr Ulke Veersma

Dr Ulke Veersma
PhD, MSc, BA

Senior lecturer, International Human Resource Management

Department of Human Resources and Organisational Behaviour

Faculty of Business

Dr Ulke Veersma's major research interest is in European industrial relations and the social dimension of the European Union. Dr Veersma has a special interest in comparative studies of workers' participation, for example through company works councils and European Works Councils. Dr Veersma is currently involved in a joint research project on financial participation with the University of Nijmegen in the Netherlands.

Teaching and administrative activities

- Course leader MA International Context of HRM

- Course leader MA and MBA International Business course 'Managing and Leading People across Cultural Borders'

- Lecturer on Cross Cultural Management (second years)

- Supervisor for undergraduate and postgraduate dissertations

- Tutor for Career Management

MPhil/PhD supervision

Currently supervising four PhD students and involved with the supervision of two students on a Doctorate by Education and one MA by Research.

Current research

- financial (employee) participation

- cross-cultural management in various ways like through education and consultancy, especially with Indian business

External activities

- Involved with the continuation, with the University of Sarajewo, of the project on social dialogue and collective bargaining practices.

Funded research projects

- Project Board-level Employee Representation (funded by the EC), 2004-06

- Social Dialogue and Collective Bargaining in Europe. Bosnia, Sarajewo, 2010 (funded by the EC): a consultancy project in Bosnia and Herzegowinia aiming to rebuild labour market institutions through social dialogue and collective bargaining. Currently involved in organising a follow up.

- Preparation of a section on the minimum wage in the Netherlands of the report with other colleagues and compiled by Geoff White and presented to the Low pay commission, 2011

- Organiser of 'East meets West: Chinese and Indian Business working in Europe'. Focusing on cultural clashes. Keynote speaker: Professor Geert Hofstede.

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